BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes

Bopp stands for bio oriented poly propylene tape. It’s commonly known as cello tape. It’s generally use for all packing needs. It has good rigidity, resistance to sliding and initial tack. Our self adhesive tape can be used for domestic, industrial and export purposes.

We are manufacturing Bopp tapes of various kinds such as transparent, colors and Bopp jumbo rolls.We also supply printed Bopp self-adhesive tapes as per the requirement of our customers. They can be specified in corporate colors and include company logos, sales messages, instructions, special offers, product merchandising etc. A full design service is available if required. We supply this Bopp tapes as per the requirement of our customers with various width, length and thickness.

  • Width: up to 1320mm
  • Length: up to 5000mtr
  • Thickness: up to 60micron

There are certain printed tapes which are used commonly. Sometimes these tapes may be specific to certain type of industries. Since these tapes are common we already have these cylinders, so you need not pay the cost for making the cylinder. Click Here to view all Common Printed Tapes Available with us >>