Injuction Moulding Machine

Plastic seems to be one of the wonderfully mouldable materials of the world and innumerable products are made out of it. With injection moulding technology and the right mould almost any plastic product could be manufactured. Gripwell is an emerging industry in the field of plastic product manufacturing and supplying in south India. We continuously work to improve our product quality to meet the customer expectation. We use high-end machineries and raw materials to mould our products. We also have plastic recycling unit to reuse the plastic wastage to cut-down the manufacturing cost of the product.

We manufacture wide quality of plastic chair. As of now, we manufacture plastic chair with arm in 3 designs of backrest. We have a wide variety of colours to choose from and we are open to try out new colours as well.

We are ready to provide services or job work for other industries. With our highly advance machinery and skilled labour. Our idea of job work is not only meant for business but also to gain knowledge in this field.

Injuction Moulding Products

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