Surface protection Tape or Guard Film

Surface Protection Film Tape (SPFT / Guard Film Tape) is a unique tape which is specifically designed to provide residue free surface protection under the most demanding applications. The Protective adhesive used in this tape can be used for temporary protection of corrugated board, metal sandwich panels, window profiles, aluminum panels, other metal surfaces from scratches. As well as for temporary protection for products such as home appliances, screens where the product’s appearancecould get spoiled by pollution, during transportation, storage or installation. When operating the product protective adhesive tape is removed from the surface to be protected. While this tape does not leave any impression on the surface once it is peeled off since it has adjustable peeling force with no adhesive residue. It has other features such as:

  • Adjustable peeling force
  • Excellent protection against abrasion and scratches
  • No adhesive residue
  • Weather resistance
  • Easy to peel off
  • Excellent workability


We manufacture different kinds of surface protection tape with various width, length and thickness. Some of such SPFT tapes are:

  • Transparent SPFT Tape / Guard Film Tape
  • Black and White SPFT Tape
  • Black and White SPFT Printed Tape
  • Milky White SPFT Tape